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Welcome to RealBuzz

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You want to Network with colleagues and with customers but you don t want to mix them together.

However, neither Facebook nor LinkedIn was designed to keep your Networks separate.

Real-Buzz is the answer.

Real-Buzz offers two ways for you to Network: one with professionals, the other with customers.

Best of all, you do both from your Home page in Real-Buzz.Read More »

Your Connection to Buyers

The real purpose of Networking is to get to that happy moment when a buyer is congratulated and commission checks are deposited.

The RealBuzz Client Networking channel is designed to make that happen.

You have a Page, just like on Facebook. Consumers see and connect with your Professional Page your " shop window " in RealBuzz. You put the information on your Professional Page that you want buyers to see, instead of the information on your " for professionals only" profile.

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